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MSA Vocation Day of Prayer – April 26

Apr 13, 2015

“… priests ensure that the celebration of the Eucharistic Sacrifice is the center and culmination of the entire life of the Christian community” (Decr. Christus Dominus, n. 30).
The words of the Second Vatican Council have urgency in our days. The Voice of God needs heralds of the Gospel in a world where it is evident that hope seems to be lost. It needs intercessors toward the Father’s mercy and beggars in front of the Throne of God.  Only a priest can accomplish this in the name of the ecclesial community.
The priest needs the hands of the faithful laity in this enormous task to help him complete his mission. It is in the middle of the lay family where the vocational seeds are cultivated according to the Will of God.  When it comes time for harvesting, the fruits will be full of the presence and grace of God.
Father Menard, the Apostle of the Vocations, understood this call and was open to the promptings of the Holy Spirit from where he began the family of the Holy Apostles, a family composed of priests, brothers and laity all with zeal for the formation of vocations for the Church and for the salvation of souls.
He understood that this work of formation will only be fruitful and successful with the intercession of the Holy Mother of God, Our Lady of Offerings, because She gave Her Son for the salvation of the world.  She knows those called by Her son to do His Will and  become another Christ . Her intercession helps us to recognize candidates for  vocations ready to answer the call.  She will care for them as a sweet mother and, with that help, the Holy Apostles Family will give holy and prepared leaders to the Church.
As Father Menard reminds us, the best fish are kneeling in front of the tabernacle where Jesus waits for them.  Every vocation comes from God and those listening to His Voice answer the call freely and happily, giving their life for the sake of the Kingdom of God and the salvation of the souls.
The Holy Apostles family speaks to the Father through Mary, praying the vocational rosary and adoring the real presence of Jesus.  They encourage laity and priests to awaken, form, and accompany vocations.
Together with Our Lord Jesus, the Love of Mary Our Mother, the example of the Apostles and Saint Francis of Assisi, we trust in the Love and Mercy of Our Lord Risen from the Tomb.  Amen. Alleluia!
Fr. Luis Luna-Barrera, M.S.A.
Provincial Animator

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