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MSA Lay Associates

MSA Lay Associates (also known as Menardian Disciples) are involved in their own active apostolates (such as CCD teachers, University Professors, Doctors, Youth Ministry etc) that are consistent with the MSA charism or other works as requested by the Society. These Lay Associates follow in the footsteps of Hector Durand for the same reason the Apostles did, “out of love for the Crucified Lord.” [1]

Menardian Disciples attend a monthly meeting to improve their knowledge of the spirituality of Father Menard. Each year a selected major work of Father Menard is studied.

Meetings are held on the 3 rd Saturday of each month with the following format.

8 AM Mass with MSA Community in St. Jude’s Chapel 
8:45 AM Continental Breakfast in St. Mark’s 
9 AM Opening Prayer St. Mark’s Conference Room 
9:10 AM MSA Presentation on Fr. Menard Spirituality Topic Reading in St. Mark’s Conference Room 
9:25 AM Discussion of Presentation 
9:45 AM Faith Sharing and Prayer Request 
10 AM Closing Prayer 
10:15-11 AM Optional Eucharistic Adoration, Reconciliation, Spiritual Direction in St. Mark’s Chapel and Conference Room

The initial formation for a Menardian Disciple involves self-directed reading. After completing the reading the members either have an oral discussion with selected MSA members or write a 1-2 page reflection on the topic of study for the month.

Month 1: Life of Fr. Menard, Hector Durand, and MSA History 
Month 2: MSA Ecclesial Mission and the Laity 
Month 3: Mary Queen of the Apostles 
Month 4: The Twelve Apostles and Pentecost 
Month 5: St. Francis and Serving my Brother in Need 
Month 6: Mystical Body of Christ 
Month 7: Prayer Life 
Month 8: Fraternal Life 
Month 9: Apostolic Life 
Month 9: Safe Environments and Background Screening, MSA Interviews 
Month 10: Poverty 
Month 11: Chastity 
Month 12: Obedience

At the conclusion of their formation, the Menardian Disciples is authorized to wear the MSA Lay Association Insignia when conducting ministry approved by the MSA.