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Missionaries of the Holy Apostles, United States Province

Rev. James W. Anderson, M.S.A.

Rev. Robert Anello, M.S.A.

Rev. Charles Bak, M.S.A.

Rev. Patrick Biegler, M.S.A.

Rev. Patrick J. Boyhan, M.S.A.

Rev. Glenn Ray Breed, M.S.A.

Rev. William Broome, Jr., M.S.A.

Rev. Dennis Patrick Connell, M.S.A.

Rev. James Downs, M.S.A.

Rev. Harold Dunn, M.S.A.

Rev. Addison (Tad) Hallock, M.S.A.

Bro. Jeffrey Herrmann, M.S.A.

Rev. Richard (Dick) Hite, M.S.A.

Rev. Vincent Kilidjian, M.S.A.

Very Rev. Peter S. Kucer, M.S.A.

Bro. James Lonon, M.S.A.

Very Rev. Luis Antonio Luna Barrera, M.S.A., General Animator

Rev. John Lyons, M.S.A.

Bro. Jerome (Jerry) McCallum, M.S.A.

Rev. Edward J. Przygocki, M.S.A.

Rev. Edward Reiter, M.S.A.

Very Rev. Martin D. Rooney, M.S.A., Provincial Animator

Rev. Vincent A. Salamoni, M.S.A.

Rev. Robert Sickler, M.S.A.

Rev. Jeffrey (Skip) Thompson, M.S.A.

Bro. Dan Valente, M.S.A.

Bro. Robert Whitton, M.S.A.

Rev. David Zercie, M.S.A.

MSA’s from other MSA Communities residing in the USA

Reverend Danh Van Nguyen, M.S.A.

Reverend Deacon Son Van Nguyen, M.S.A.

MSA’s in Formation in the USA

Mr. Ronald (Ron) Aucoin

Mr. Robert (Bob) Cantoni

Mr. Chau Van Bui

Mr. Cuong Van Nguyen

Mr. Hap Van Nguyen

Mr. Thau Van Duong

Mr. Thuc Dinh Tran

Mr. Tinh Van Pham